Mold Inspection in Satellite Beach, FL

Everyone would agree that buying a Satellite Beach, FL home is a very good investment that can last a long time. Mold inspections are quickly becoming common practice in real-estate transactions in Satellite Beach. Today, many realtor’s advise their customers to have black mold testing performed before buying or selling a home. If mold is found in the home then this can be very bad for the deal. When selling a home, many earnings are lost, and property values are reduced, due to the presence or smell of mold. Visitors will be wary of the home and often walk away. This can cause the home to stay on the market longer, potentially causing the listing price to drop. When you sell your home it is always best to have a certificate from a mold business. Most people do not wish to find out that the home they just purchased has mold in it. If you or someone you know is thinking about buying a home in Satellite Beach, Florida, then getting in touch with 123 Mold Testing at should come 1st for mold testing.

Is Having a Mold Inspection Really That Important?

In today’s real estate market, foreclosures in Satellite Beach, FL are becoming quite typical. Foreclosed properties are especially sensitive to mold because in most cases the power has been disconnected. The HVAC unit acts as a natural dehumidifier helping to remove moisture from the home. Without the heating and cooling unit on, this can be a possible breeding ground for mold based upon the humidity level in your community. A lot of people also have the misconception that mold only grows in old homes, but in actuality it can grow in new ones too. New homes today are built very power efficient. More development is actually more very likely in these energy efficient homes because of the lack of air flow because of trying to save cash on power. Most mold removal services charge a lot of cash. Your health could also be in danger if you don’t have it done. Even non toxic molds can cause severe allergies for people and pets. This is why it is strongly suggested that just before you go out and buy a home you look for mold. If you choose to have mold inspection done then you can do away with a lot of the extra trouble that mold can bring. No matter what type of real estate you plan on buying, having mold testing is a great financial investment that will keep you and your family safe. Choosing to call 123 Mold Testing in order to have a mold inspector carry out air quality testing is a very smart idea. In addition to employing top notch mold specialists, we also have all of the mold specialist gear needed to get the job done correctly. Call us today at and we can give you an estimate of the mold inspection.

Get Rid of Mold in Satellite Beach, FL

Whether or not anybody can eliminate mold by themselves is something many residents wonder about. A lot of people will find that mold probably cannot be destroyed without professional assistance. 123 Mold Testing states it is a known truth that there are more than 100,000 variations of mold spores within the Satellite Beach, Florida vicinity. This variations of mold spores might be hard to believe, but studies have proven that it is true. When it comes to attempting to get rid of mold in the Satellite Beach, FL area, you are trying to perform a nearly impossible feat. Given that mold has been in existence as long as the earth has existed, it is not possible to kill with home treatments. Twenty centuries ago, mold was existent, according to a verse in the Bible. Because this organism has been around in Satellite Beach forever, and then there are so many varied strains of mold, it has become very viable, adaptable and very hard to kill mold. Immediately following a positive outcome during the black mold testing procedure, mold removal needs to be used to completely destroy the condition. Contrary to popular belief, black and toxic molds cannot be wiped out by various sprays sold in stores. The interesting thing regarding mold is that there are approximately 100,000 distinct mold strains, and out of this, a very small portion is toxic. Regardless of whether mold is toxic or not, it is best to still call the professionals at to schedule a mold inspection, which will offer you the reassurance you deserve.

Mold Coming Back Haunts Satellite Beach, FL Residents

From what clients have told their mold specialist during a mold inspection, is that often when people thought they have killed mold, they begin to see the same house mold come back again and again. One of the quickest places for mold to grow back is in your restroom, and you have probably already discovered this if you have attempted to treat mold yourself. You might temporarily not have any visible mold, but in many cases the mold hyphae (root structures) are still there and will keep growing back. After you have air quality testing done, rental property tenants will often locate this problem. A quick fix by landlords might appear to be a good idea to them, but they also discover that their renters end up cancelling their lease due to the returning mold problems. At that time the landlord tries to kill mold with bleach or some type of spray, paints over it and puts a “For Rent” sign in the front yard. 123 Mold Testing says that mold has even inflicted health-related issues upon new tenants. Also, be sure to browse several other places for example, New Richmond, OH mold inspection to find out if this site offers services in your community.

Home Mold Removal Treatments Prove Ineffective for Satellite Beach, FL Residents

Many individuals try and eliminate mold by themselves and they use a spray or bleach trying to wipe it off. It may seem like a good idea, but it is actually one of the more ineffective methods. Mold that is truly noticeable is a sign that you have mold colony growth, which suggests millions of mold spores are bunched together. When millions of mold spores join each other, you have got a mold colony, and this is the only time you will be able to observe mold with your eyes. Trying to destroy a mold colony is about similar to trying to knock a wasp nest down with a broom; you will send them flying all over the place. Following your destruction try, mold spores will escape and look for a new moisture source to keep alive. Upon getting into your HVAC system, mold can quickly travel just about anywhere within your home. The first step to getting rid of mold is always to have a mold inspection and mold test conducted by a certified mold inspector by calling today. Fortunately, mold testing is affordable. Likewise, don’t forget to have a look at other places like, Ripley, OH mold testing to find out if we offer services in your area.

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